5 Effective And Efficient Social Media Management Tips

by | 27th April 2021 | Marketing Strategy

A table full of scattered book, mobile phones, tablet, and pieces of paper with social media icons.

Being a millennial, I grew up knowing what social media is. I’m aware that there can be online friends and followers. Friendster and Myspace were popular back then.

Now, the world we live in is a full-blown digital age.

If I want to check out restaurants nearby, there’s Yelp. If I need a recipe, there’s Pinterest. If I need a job, there’s LinkedIn. For everything in between, there’s Facebook.

Since different social media platforms serve different purposes, you have no choice but to create and maintain gazillion social media accounts.

And that’s just for personal use.

With that, let me give you 5 tips on how to manage your different social media accounts.

1. Quality over going viral.

Okay. This might be a little controversial. But hear me out first.

It’s good to produce content that is current, relevant, and entertaining. Then, others will re-share and/or repost it – making it viral.

Let us also understand that it’s better to create content with correct and valuable information – also good enough to be re-shared and/or reposted. And what we can call “Mr. Right” rather than “Mr. Right Now”.

2. Find the perfect quality.

Although I previously mentioned choosing quality over going viral, being present right now is also important.

Take Twitter for example. It is known as a news and current events social media site. Twitter users tweet their opinion on current events – be it political, social, or even about the weather.

3. Use tools to schedule your posts.

Let’s face it. You want those likes, hearts, and wows, right? You also want your comment box to explode – not literally, of course.

But there are times that an idea pops and you have to wake up at an ungodly hour. You have no choice but to write it down. Now, are you seriously hoping that your friends will read your post at that instance?

That’s where a scheduling tool will be handy. You can try sociamonials.com (not a paid advertisement).

Create content now. Publish later. Easy.

4. Automate as much as you can.

Social media management is repetitive. There are a lot of mundane tasks at hand. So, what will you do? Automate!

You can use IFTTT – a site that will help you link different apps and automatically perform actions when triggered.

Using IFTTT is easy. You can create a command to automatically tweet when your trusted writer or blog site publishes a new article.

5. Be a real person.

I understand if you have a few social media accounts for your small business and you want to promote them from time to time. But keep in mind that your audience has evolved – they are smarter now.

Remember: people follow people, not businesses.

Engage with your audience. Engage with other people’s posts. Be charming.

What goes around, comes back around. So, don’t hold that “congratulations” or “good job”. Comment it down. Let people know that you are a real person.

Managing different social media accounts is quite a job.

But having a few tricks on your sleeves will do wonders.

Do you have more tips that I missed? Let me know!

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