6 Essential Holiday Marketing Campaign Checklist

by | 13th December 2021 | Marketing Strategy

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6 Essential Holiday Marketing Campaign Checklist

Take advantage of the coming holidays to skyrocket your sales.

Holidays are coming and so are people’s wallets. So, don’t miss your chance to sell your products and  services to the public.

We readied a checklist for you


1. ‘Holidize’ Your Website

Set a festive mood on your website. You can change your website’s colors to tap users’ happy emotions. Bring out those cheerful banners and designs.

Visitors will stay longer on your website if they feel your jovial mood and join your enthusiasm.


2. Reinvent Your Email Campaign

A festive email campaign is a must. You might have an active email campaign BUT it’s not a holiday-themed email. So, create one.


3. (Ab)Use Social Media

Use and abuse the powers of social media. Especially when people are at home, are using their mobile phones, and are scrolling through social media accounts.


4. Think of Contests

Have you seen a brand that has no give-away contest of some sort for the holidays? Brands know the importance of the holiday season so should you.


5. Post Gift Ideas

There are some who will wait until the last minute before going shopping. So, go ahead and post those gift ideas and inspirations for everyone to see.


6. Take Advantage of PPC (if you have a budget)

PPC or pay-per-click is a paid online advertising model. It’s a great way to extend your reach and tap on a wider range of potential customers… given you have a budget for it. We all know the power of social media – so, one way of optimizing it is through paid advertising.




There will be different offers and discounts from various brands left and right. So, it’s crucial for you and your team to think of your own for your business.

Plan early so you can spread the word as early as possible. This applies to all holidays and exciting seasons all year round. Would you like help in setting up marketing campaigns that suit every date on the calendar? Hit that reply button or send us a message today. We’re happy to help you.

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