Social Media Design Trends In 2022

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Social Media Design Trends In 2022

A little into the first quarter of 2022, let us do some forecasting.

As we all know, social media is not just for selling – it goes way beyond that. Social media can extend your reach, inspire, and build meaningful relationships.

In order to maximize the power of social media, businesses and brands should speak to the customers in an understandable language.

Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest leverage one’s visual appeal. To stand out, you have to be noticeable and impress customers with your (or a teammate’s) design prowess.

So, here are the social media design trends this year.


1. Color Trends


Every year, influential companies announce the color of the year, palettes, and swatches. Here are some of the color trends this 2022:



a. Outdoorsy

BEHR announced that Breezeway is their color for 2022. Others gave out Evergreen Fog and October Mist.

b. Boldness

This year, very peri is the Pantone color. But did you know that it’s a unique color that the company made? Yes, you read that right. After 20+ years of being the most influential color choosing company, Pantone brought the blue color with violet red undertone. The company also added that very peri “displays a spritely, joyous attitude, and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expressions”.

c. Nostalgic

This year’s color is very futuristic but the 60’s and 70’s shades are also in circling back.

Pantone revealed this year’s New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer color palette which includes daffodil, coca mocha, and harbor blue.

d. Upbeat

If you’re feeling blue seeing blue – err, very peri, then, you can indulge with some color upbeats like bubblegum pink, lime-y fragile sprout, and orchid bloom.

Pantone revealed this year’s New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer color palette which includes daffodil, coca mocha, and harbor blue.

2. Patterns, shapes, and textures


Here are some ideas and inspirations from artists on this year’s patterns, shapes, and textures:


a. Check!

Check-er boards are in. This true vintage emo style comes back with a spin this 2022. Now, it’s seen as a timeless classic. Spice it up with playful colors to accentuate.

b. Be natural

Dreamy wildflowers are in bloom now on social media – add those leaves and country-theme arts. Nature can never go wrong.

c. Be rounded

Fearless forecast for 2022: angles are out, curves are in. Arts and graphics should favor feminine soft orbs and circles.

In summary, your artistry should not be kept to yourself – you can (and should) let everyone know about it and of course, have fun doing it.

These social media design trends are brought to you by reviewing more than 50 sources and influencers in the social media and graphic design realm.

Don’t be left out. Freshen up your social media channels using one of these trends.

If you need help with your social media content and/or graphic design, let us know – we’d love to be of help.

If you have other trends this 2022, let us know by commenting below – we’d love to hear from you.

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