5 2021 Predictions Gone Wrong

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5 2021 Predictions Gone Wrong

Not all predictions are correct. Some are just… well, predictions.

Predictions are everywhere before a new year starts – from the color of the year to fashion to fortune.

And marketing is no different.

So, every year, marketers show their other side – they try to be a psychic and predict what the new year will look like.

Same as other fortune-tellers, some marketers’ predictions come true but there are also wrong predictions.

Here, I’ll cover 5 2021 predictions that marketers got wrong.


1. Facebook will be obsolete.

This news is not new. And what is more alarming is that Facebook’s audience is aging. According to a >recent study, Facebook is just #6 in Gen Z’s choice of social media platform.

But hold your horses, everyone. Facebook isn’t going down without a fight. Actually, the platform remains the most popular social media platform worldwide according to this post.

So, this 2021 prediction hasn’t come to life, yet.


2. TikTok will reach its peak.

TikTok is still climbing the ladder – and is yet to reach the peak. Not in 2021, at least.

No doubt. TikTok is popular with a remarkable number of 1 billion users. But some businesses are still wary of them. So, it launched TikTok for business.

But as far as reaching its peak – not yet for 2021.

But that’s a good thing right? TikTok still has room for improvement.


3. TikTok will be #1 for influencer marketing.


Despite its popularity, TikTok fell short of being the number 1 for influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is the most popular trend having the biggest impact and ROI in 2021. But TikTok is just ranked #2 according to this survey. The first is Instagram.

Will TikTok be #1 this year? Let’s wait and see.


4. Audio chat rooms will yield huge ROI.

Who hasn’t heard a podcast? What about Twitter Spaces? Maybe a lot – which proved that marketers – who previously predicted audio-based content will have a huge ROI last year – were wrong.

But there’s a good KPI about them – high audience engagement and brand awareness.

So, notwithstanding the ROI prediction, business owners and marketers can still use audio chat rooms. And they are still worth it.


5. Remote events will be archived.


In 2021, many people thought of going back to the office and all face-to-face events. Sure, the government and the media also predicted the official return of employees to their respective workplaces. Hence, the prediction of saying goodbye to remote events.

But lo and behold! Remote events are here to stay.

According to statistics, 51% of organizations are considering the hybrid work setup. This just proves that this prediction is a little immature

Predicting what the new year will look like is not an easy task. It involves research, statistics, analysis, and experience.

Predictions will help us to plan and get ready for the new year. But don’t let it sway you on the path that you want to follow.

My take is just to plan and adjust accordingly.

If you or someone you know needs to plan the year ahead with marketing experts, feel free to contact us here at Shizzle Marketing.

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